DÉPARTS (Departures) – Life Stories

24 mars 2022

Press release – for immediate release

Regina, March 24, 2022 Les Éditions de la nouvelle plume are proud to announce the publication of a new title from Saskatoon’s prolific author David Baudemont.

Life is often punctuated by departures. Whether we live in Europe, Africa or America, sooner or later we must say goodbye or see loved ones leave without warning. Départs relates eight individual journeys with each unique diverging path resulting in reclaimed and renewed lives.

In Départs, award-winning author David Baudemont vividly explores the details of human journeys, depicts emotions, and examines the effects of separations, whether desired or imposed.

David Baudemont was born in France and has lived in Western Canada for almost thirty years. Visual artist, writer and playwright, he has written numerous plays, youth novels and essays.

Départs is the literary version of the community play of the same title produced by La Troupe du Jour of Saskatoon, in 2010.


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