Petites nouvelles du Last Best Ouest – French adaptation of Details From the Edge of the Village

4 mai 2022

Regina, May 4, 2022 Éditions de la nouvelle plume offers an incursion into the narrative poetry of Franco-Albertan author Pierrette Requier.

Poems, portraits, stories follow one another to tell us about this mythical Last Best West where the author grew up. Using a language that has its roots in the history of the French-speaking settlers who came to northern Alberta at the beginning of the 20th century, Pierrette Requier takes us into a universe that is both grandiose and simple. Throughout the 90 “short stories” that make up the collection we laugh, we are touched, we vibrate to the rhythm of time passing, of children growing up, of parents growing old. Mom, Dad, the grannies, the grandpas… As if we were there.

To read Petites nouvelles du Last Best Ouest is to discover the poetic and real world of the author who grew up in the bilingual world of northern Alberta in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. It is discovering the world of Pierrette Requier’s spoken word.

Named Edmonton’s Poet Laureate from July 2015 to July 2017, Pierrette Requier, a daughter of the wind and a woman of the city, is also a playwright, producer and mentor. Born in the village of Peace River, in northern Alberta, she moved to Edmonton in the mid-1970s. In a province without a French publishing house, Pierrette Requier used orality to bring poetry to life. Moving between performances in French and English, she has been able to build bridges between the English and French literary communities.


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