Launch of Le Grand barrage by Jean-Pierre Picard An animal tale

27 janvier 2022

Press release – for immediate release – January 27, 2022

Éditions de la nouvelle plume (ÉNP) announces the publication of a new illustrated book for young readers, Le Grand barrage by Jean-Pierre Picard. The book will be available in all our markets as of January 27, 2022 for $14.95.

A community of beavers lives peacefully along a stream in the Vallon des Grands-Vents.  One day, the ingenious Henri proposes a challenge to his fellow beavers: build a large dam on the river where all the beavers can live together. To read Le Grand barrage (The Great Dam) is to discover the importance of passing on knowledge and the consequences of letting it be forgotten. This beautiful story written for children aged 6 to 12 explores the customs of our ancestors, whether human or animal.

Jean-Pierre Picard is a musician, graphic designer, journalist, author and webmaster. He is originally from the Outaouais region and moved to Saskatchewan in 1986 where he first worked for the newspaper L’Eau vive. Some of his short stories and poems have been published in the Association des artistes de la Saskatchewan’s literary magazine Ruelle and in the on-line literary magazine À ciel ouvertLe Grand barrage is his first book.